8 Homemade Natural Rooting Hormone for Plants

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In this article Eight powerful homemade natural rooting hormones are given that can be easily used for plant propagation from cuttings. The root growth hormone when applied to a cutting will encourage roots or accelerate the root formation, decrease fruiting time and produce healthy roots with high success rate.

The main ingredient of the rooting hormone is auxin indole butyric acid, the natural plant hormone responsible for the formation of roots. Salicylic acid is also used as a rooting agent which helps plants to fight off infection from bacteria and fungus the rooting hormone can be made naturally at home from aloe Vera ,willow water, honey, cinnamon and aspirin at home. While aloe Vera and willow water contains natural rooting hormones, the honey, cinnamon and aspirin are natural anti bacterial and antifungal.

Some plants were rooted from softwood cuttings while some with semi hardwood cuttings. The procedure of growing plants from cuttings is very simple, just take a thin stem about eight inch long, remove its leaves, apply some rooting hormone at the cuttings before putting in the soil to accelerate root formation.

Every person have many query that how to make root hormone at home .Then we can also grow Cuttings there are many idea to make root hormone home made but I will share very easy idea with you so we need some homemade stuff. Now I will tell you how we can make home made rooting hormone there are eight way to use and we can use all.



Take two cup of boiled water add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well let it to cool then store in a container keep away from sunlight. keep it as root hormone when you want to grow cuttings keep cuttings in that honey boiled water for 2 to 4 hour after that you can plant your cuttings in the starting 

As we used honey as root hormone i will tell you how first of all prepare cutting remove leaves cut leaves half some friends cut leaves from the root do not cut from there  because new buds start from there new growth start from there so don’t cut from there you can cut half or cut that leaf’s stick. Now the remain part will fall after 2,3 days naturally Then Start new buds so we can cut leaves after it.

Routing Harmon tips
Routing Harmon tips

Cut the edge

This method that also easy cut the end sharply with using blade or etc tools. Now the process is done .you have to prepare soil for cutting put coco coir in the bottom for draining water use well drain soil otherwise cutting affected by fungus.

Use sand and some perlite and some gravel now put soil and add cow dung first fill soil then plant cutting

I will give you this method because it works well. we will cut this branch and take honey in bottle dip cutting in the honey. Honey is antibacterial so it protect from fungus so its good to grow root well mostly cuttings not grow because they affected from fungus now plant it like this now press soil gently so cutting will not  move its necessary that don’t move cutting after plant it. Add some more soil on top its done now watering use well drain soil if water not drain well then cutting affected with fungus.

Best Way of Routing Harmon

Grow With Prelite

In the This method (if we don’t have a route hormone )we need perlite for it first prepare cutting and then take a pot like and fill with perlite nothing to add only pure perlite because perlite good for grow new roots. Perlite a little part of Volcano the little part have many air pocket these air pocket store water so its good for rooting so we can grow cutting with pure perlite dip in honey and plant is easy method

Best season for cutting is early summer that time roots growing fast some cutting we can grow in rainy season if you have good experience then you can grow when you want.So now you can also grow cuttings. 

aloe vera

Aloe Vera 

Since the aloe Vera contains similar chemicals as found in chemical commercial rooting hormones , we may use aloe Vera pulp as a natural rooting hormone. In fact, it is the best natural rooting hormone. Just cut a fresh aloe Vera leaf and take out its pulp and dip the cuttings into it and then plant them into the soil. You can store the pulp in an airtight bottle to store it for seven days. you .You can directly rub the cutting on the pulp and plant it.

rooting hormone

willow water

The willow tree bark branches and stems contain hormone in high concentrations so a very good natural hormone can be made by cutting them and putting in boiling water for 24hours to make willow water. Soak the end of cuttings in this willow water for 10minutes before planting in the rooting media.



saliva applying human or animal saliva on the cuttings can prevent the cuttings from rot because saliva is an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal, just lick the cutting or spit your saliva and apply on the cuttings.

Homemade rooting hormone Aspirin

Homemade rooting hormone Aspirin 

 Dissolve one aspirin tablet or one spoon of aspirin powder in one cup of water and soak the end of the cuttings in this water for 15 minutes before planting. You could apply aspirin powder directly on the cuttings.

Homemade Routing Harmon


cinnamon has antibacterial properties , apply some cinnamon powder on the cuttings before planting the cutting.