How to Grow Cashew Tree From Seed at Home

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Cashew Tree

This is very interesting topic. Do you know, what this is: A cashew tree. If you like growing different type of fruit crop or bonsai, than do add a cashew plant in your garden. In this article I will tell how to grow cashew plant from seed. At the end will talk about small cashew plant care Guys read the full article to get all information.

Growing Tips Cashew  Tree From Seeds at Home

Cashew Seeds

For growing you need fresh and healthy cashew seeds. Market bought edible cashews are often roasted so they will not germinate. In these fresh pods there are certain acidic fluid, so be careful while handling. Please do not try to extract edible part, as it may cause burn to your skin. You can purchase fresh seeds online on various stores.

Keep the seed in water and remove any floating seeds as they would not germinate.

 Leave the seeds at the bottom to soak for next 6-12 hrs. After 6 hrs seeds are all ready to get planted Soaking makes hard seed coat to soften, which fasten seed germination So, first prepare the pot, if you have a nursery bag then you use it for planting. You can reuse any such material from your house. So that they would not damage our environment.

Procedure for Planting Cashew Seeds

 Cashew Seeds

First, add 1 inches layer of coco-peat, this will improve drainage and also keep the potting mix moist. As moisture stimulates seed germination. Coco-peat above the coco-peat layer add the almost 2 inches layer of a mixture comprising Soil, Sand and Compost in equal Ratio.

Importance of this layer is when seed will germinate and the root will get into this layer they can absorb nutrients for further growth. Above this potting mix layer, again add 1 inches layer of coco-peat and level it with gentle pressing. Above mixture place the soaked cashew seed.

After placing seed cover it with 1/2 inches layer of coco-peat. , if you want you can plant seeds after adding 2 inches layer of coco-peat by pressing them in it. Coco-peat will maintain moisture around seed. Do not let the mix dry till the seeds germinate, try to water everyday.

Place this planted bag away from scorching direct sun. you can place in your balcony corner or in shade of a tree. From 5th to 6th day, you will start seeing germinating seeds, at this stage cover with some more coco-peat to avoid its contact with scorching heat outside and keep it moist. You see the best result after 15 days of planting seeds.

You can see plant is growing really well, You have to planted some more seeds. They are also growing well In the pot .you can see that some seeds are growing, and some succulent leaf with baby . we will separate both seedlings, and for plant nutrient requirement we will add compost in each little plants.

How to make Cashew Bonsai at Home

Cashew Bonsai

If you want to make Cashew Bonsai a only cut the longer root and leave only other fibrous root. And thus you will start a nice Bonsai. For planting this uprooted seedling we use the same mixture of SAND, SOIL and COMPOST in equal ratio.

Plant seedling and cover the top with coco-peat to conserve moisture and place the cute succulent leaf over here, it is grow nicely. Add 10-20 gram of compost in each plant, for plant nutrient requirement.

Do add old compost, as raw compost contain more nitrogen which may burn new roots. If you are doing not know compost is old or not than look ahead to more 6-7 days and than add a touch of compost only.

How to take care cashew tree/plant

Cashew plant

Now let us talk about plant care. Moisture is really important for the growth of cashew plant, so do not let it dry and also not keep roots soggy as well. Water plants once everyday in morning. Fertilizer add compost monthly for coming 2-3 month.

After that only follow any regular fertilizer schedule, Location: Outdoor bright location. Do not keep at dark spot as it needs bright sun keep in any tree shade or very bright spot of your balcony. Growing cashew from seed is really interesting and easy, do give it a try.

You can watch the video for practical demonstration