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How To Grow Cluster/Guar Beans At Home Very Easily

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How To Grow Cluster

In this article, I will tell how to grow cluster/guar in the home in very easy steps. Now let’s start the topic first, you need Guar seeds which you can easily buy from any store you can easily afford it and you can use Small pod seeds but I suggest using big seed pods for a better result. Before start planting the seeds you have to prepare the soil mix. For the mix, I will give you an easy quick setup guide for the best growth.

How To Prepare Soil Mix For Guar Beans 

1)  Fill the pot with 50% of cow dung compost.

2) Add some well-draining soil and you can add vermicompost as an alternative or kitchen tea waste.

This mixer doesn’t need much water and the mixer also increases the germination speed. Now we talk about the planting process of guar beans.

How To Plant the Guar/Cluster Beans

How To Plant the Guar

The botanical name of guar or cluster bean is Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. It is an annual legume and the source of guar gum. It is also called Gavar, gawar, or guvar bean now starts the process of how to grow cluster/guar.

1) You sow your Cluster beans seeds in about inch deep holes in the soil ” Note do not sow seeds in deep because of its effect in the germination process.

That makes slow the germination process and sometimes the seeds are not germinating “. You can check the video on how to place the seeds.

Tip:- For faster germination, you may soak the seeds in AmrutJal for 10-12 hours before sowing.

After placing the seeds you have to give some water to the seed and also give water every day. It is important to work don’t forget it and one most important thing don’t overwater it. Because it increases the chance of spoiling seed. After 10-25 days, you can easily see the result of the little baby grow up from seeds. You can easily shift into a big container. 

Gour Seeds need 30-35 °C Ideal temperature for germination. Seeds need sunlight a minimum of 6-8 hours per day or a growing Temperature of 30 – 40 °C. The best time to start the germination is March to September (In case of heavy monsoons March to June).

Thankyou Hope You get all the information and check more related article.