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How to Grow/ Germinate Apple From seeds at Home

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Germinate Apple from seeds

Have you ever tried germinate apple plant from seeds is really tough thing but It’s not necessary to if something sounds though that is really tough .Just you need some apple which you collected from store and for the planting the apple seeds I am here to teach you. You just need to follow my steps for growing you will for sure get success.

Steps to Grow Apple Tree From Seeds

Let’s see procedure.

1.Collect seeds carefully from apple, without damaging seeds.

2. Soak the seeds for 5-6 hrs.

3. Remove any floating seeds, as floating seeds would not germinate.

After 6 hours of soaking, let see the most important technique of germination

4. Take a container and a tissue paper.

5. Fold tissue paper like bed .

6. Place soaked seeds on tissue paper bed and cover with tissue paper .

7. You have to pour little bit of water so that tissue paper get wet.

8. Drain excess water by tilting the container and close the lid of container.

9. Place in refrigerator ( do not put in freezer) place in your vegetable Section.

How much Time to grow Apple plant from seeds

Apple Seeds

Seeds will take 10 to 30 days to germinate depends upon how Apple are stored previously in store houses. You have to check seeds between 18 to 20 day and after checking get back to refrigerator (You should have plant more seeds because more side make more germination strength) If some seed sprouted and some showing bulging. let it be in refrigerator for few more days. Timely Check after s days. After some days you see that more seed sprouted, as all seeds are viable all will sprout. When all are sprouted .we will plant fully Sprouted Seeds. You need a to plant .Put succulent Mix in pot for best growth. Next to next week you will sift the plant in new terracoata pot.

What kind of Ingredients Consist in Potting Mix


Potting Mix Consist of Cocopeat, Perlite, Charcoal, Gravel and leaf compost in equal ratio by volume. This Mix use to be really very good for sprouted seeds. For planting make a hole with Stick. Hole must not be very dip, it can just hold the radicle part. Radicle is this white thread like structure, this is actually the initial stage of roots. Insert radicle part in hole gently and place the seed over soil surface. Cover the seed lightly

Just from next day, seed will start growing. Water a bit, just to moisten seeds and it would not get stressed. You can see the update after one day of planting and after more days you can see true leaves of Apple. It is possible that this plant won’t bear fruit in every climate, but will for sure make your Garden unique and interesting as an bonsai or rare plant. Try Germinating for sure. You can check the video for the full instruction.

Practical demonstration