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ZZ plant

ZZ Plants don’t require water now and again is because they hold water in their rhizomes, which resemble minimal bulbous potatoes under the earth. You may be able to see rhizomes peeking up out of the soil at the base of your plant. At the point when you take a cutting of your ZZ Plant, it will grow another rhizome and roots.

It’s pretty cool, and it’s a great experiment to do with kids because they can see the new growth happening.

ZZ Plant Stem Cuttings

⦁ A stem cutting of a ZZ Plant is going to yield quicker outcomes for spread. Here’s how to propagate a ZZ Plant cutting:
⦁ Cut off a stalk at the base of your plant, making a straight cut with a sanitized knife.
⦁ Spot the cut stem in water, and change out the water each 3 a month. If you forget, it’s fine, as long as there’s no mold growing.
⦁ The stem cuttings we used for this example are three months old.
⦁ When it’s time to report, here’s how to do it:
⦁ Use a grower pot with drainage, or place pebbles in the base of a pot to make sure your soil doesn’t hold onto the water where the roots are. This will lead to root rot. Drainage is important!
⦁ Put about two inches of potting soil into the grower pot. This two-inch buffer gives your plant’s roots room to grow before it needs to be repotted again.

⦁ Place the rooted cuttings into the pot, pressing softly into the soil. You can place various stems in a similar pot to make it look increasingly like the first plant you bought from the store.
⦁ Put somewhat more soil around each stem for help.
⦁ Fill in the pot with soil when all stems have been placed, not quite up to the rim of the grower pot.
⦁ Water thoroughly. Run the stream of water around the circumference of the pot and then add a line through the middle across the diameter, to ensure even watering for all of the roots.
⦁ Keep the cutting near a window where it can receive bright, indirect light. Sunlight is the best way to encourage your ZZ cutting to grow.
⦁ When your cutting has grown a rhizome and at least one inch of new roots. zz plant flower

Leaf Cuttings

⦁ Leaf cuttings will take more time to build up a rhizome and roots, yet you can in any case engender your ZZ Plant with a leaf cutting.
⦁ Place the leaf’s stem into a potting mix, about 1 cm deep.
⦁ You most likely need to take different leaf cuttings, since one single leaf in a pot is going to look extensively dismal.
⦁ Water the pot of leaves and let it soak in. Water again when the soil is dry, about every two weeks.
⦁ After the three months, these leaves were propagating, we checked them and saw baby rhizomes growing! zz plant flower