How To Grow Almond Tree At Home From Seeds

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Almonds Seeds

Different seeds require, different style of germination technique. I’ve got shared with you a great many kinds of seed germination processes. Like, Germination process of Cashew seed, Germination process of Apple seeds. During this article I will share Almond Seed germination process.

Almond seeds, there are two main categories in Almond One is Mamra Almond and second is California Almond and the Indian Almond, aka. Mamra or Tropical Almond. It germinate very easily in tropical climate. Mamra Almond is additionally is incredibly low. While California Almond is common and easily available within the market.

When to plant the Almond Seeds

The best time to grow California Almond is July and August. So that plant can set easily in winter month.

Procedure to plant Almond Seeds


Lets begin the Almond growing procedure. Firstly drop some almonds seed in water Seeds which sinks are good and that we will plant them only. Floating almond seed don’t seem to be viable so we’d not plant them. yet another important thing is, these seeds have poor germination rate, so start with more number of seeds. Soak the seeds in water for 2-3 hrs. When the are soaked water after3 hours then you have got to plant it during this box “The box not having any drainage hole”, For germination, we want coco-peat. Coco-peat is formed from Coconut fibrous cover. Put a 1 cm thick layer of coco-peat within the box. On this layer we’ll place Almond.

Cover the Almond with 1 cm thick layer of coco-peat Above coco-peat layer, have kept 1 cm space within the box  so that germinating seeds can use that vacant space. Because the germinating seeds swell and push coco-peat up which can allow you to know that seeds are germinating.

Add approx 20-30 ml water don’t over-water, just make the coco-peat sufficiently moist.

Now you have to close the lead and keep this box up refrigerator. Just in case you are doing not want to use refrigerator than start germinating in winter month. After keeping in refrigerator, seeds start germinating in 2-3 weeks So keep it up checking after 14th day and at an interval of every 3-4 days.

You’ll be able to easily observe some growing seeds. Lets dig out these seeds. Ready to see the seeds are over-grown Over-grown almonds seeds won’t able to grow out. start rotting after getting rid of.

After getting rid of seeds from coco-peat, you’ve got kept them in water. so you can check the roots. While planting it’ll help plenty. For planting germinated seeds of rare plants

How to make mix for pot

Almond Tree

Potting mix becomes vital. If you would like, you’ll be able to use a mix of Soil and Sand in equal ratio by volume. except for better success rate, make a mixture using. 1 part coco-peat  1 part perlite, just in case perlite isn’t available use small brick pieces 1/2 part compost 1/2 part Charcoal Charcoal is optional, use it if you grasp. Mix of these 4 ingredients in above mentioned ratio and prepare a decent potting mix. During this potting mix you’ll be able to plant any of your rare plant seedlings. After filling half seedling tray or pots etc. Keeping roots vertically down. and than add more potting mix to hide the roots.

After planting all almonds seeds, do water properly. Now keep the seedling tray and pot at a location getting indirect but bright light. be sure that, location must not get harsh sun and hot wind. and  one more vital thing, Do make a meeting to guard seedling tray or pots from ants. If Over-grown and under-grown seeds aren’t grow healthy. the remove the unhealthy seeds. As they will spoil the healthy one. season could be a perfect time to re-pot in bigger pot. At this stage you’ll use any general potting mix for re-potting. let me tell you monsoon and winter months are good for starting Almond from seed or re-potting plant. So go keep some Almond seeds for germination, you’ll be able to watch video for practical demonstration.